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Diane… The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper by Scott Frost, performed by Kyle MacLachlin

November 3, 2018



This is a completely unnecessary but wholly enjoyable companion to the Twin Peaks original series. In one of the many iconic elements of the show, Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlin) dictates notes into a small tape recorder, each recording addressed to “Diane.” It added some comedy, but was also a clever device that allowed Cooper to think out loud for the viewer. Diane’s identity was never clear. Was she a fellow agent? An assistant? A wife? A quirky figment of Cooper’s imagination? Had he named his tape recorder Diane? It wouldn’t be until Twin Peaks: The Return, 25 years later, that we would get the answer.



Here, though, it doesn’t matter. This is just a collection of Cooper’s random musings on the case, coffee, life, the town, the trees, the Dalai Lama. Some are taken directly from the show, but most are new. They provide side commentary to the scenes from the show, but none of the information is necessary. It’s mostly just for the fun of spending more time with one of the best characters from television, listening to Cooper dryly observe that Albert, the jerk of a forensic examiner, has endeared himself to the people of the town with his usual charm (Albert had just been punched in the eye by the town sheriff). Or his quip after being shot. He’s told by the doctor that he’ll make a full recovery and should be able to “live a full and normal life, which would be a new experience in and of itself.”

A great listen, well-scripted by Scott Frost and perfectly performed by Kyle MacLachlin, for which he earned a Grammy nomination.

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