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September 24, 2010

I was flipping through an old notebook and came across a bit that made me laugh.

A couple years ago, a cool producer I worked with started sending out SONG OF THE DAY every once in awhile to people in the department. Just a song that he liked and wanted to share. He’d usually include a paragraph about the song, the story behind it, the artist or why he dug it so much.

But we are a bunch of cynical, sarcastic bastards here. A few months after the SONG OF THE DAY tradition started, someone replied with a mass email titled CAT OF THE DAY. It was a photo of a kitten, with a long-winded description of why they liked that particular cat, why it was so funny and cute.

Shortly thereafter, we received a photo of someone’s Subway sandwich with the title MEATBALL OF THE DAY, and another long-winded description of why the second meatball from the left deserved to be recognized.

Not to be outdone, another email followed highlighting the DISEASE OF THE DAY (I believe it was syphilis), and then, finally, MIDGET OF THE DAY. That ended everything. When a midget joke is made, the game is over. Always. We received an email from the SONG OF THE DAY-er. It was to the point: Something like “Screw you, assholes.” There was no SONG OF THE DAY after that.

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